Search-DevOps (SD for short) aggregates, indexes, and makes searchable all content repositories for all Opensource DevOps projects:

User list Dev list Issues Wiki Web site Source code
shortcut issue wiki source code
Chef chef X X X X X
Puppet puppet X X X X X X
Docker docker X X X X X
Rsyslog rsyslog X X X X X
Saltstack saltstack X X X X
Icinga icinga X X X X X
CoreOS coreos X X X X X
Ansible ansible X X X X X
Flynn flynn X X X X
Sensu sensu X X X X
Vagrant vagrant X X X X
Grafana Grafana X X X X
Ganglia ganglia X X X X
Logstash logstash X X X X
Graphite graphite X X X X X X
Syslog-ng syslog-ng X X X X
Nagios ngios X X X X X X
Statd statd X X X X
Rudder rudder X X X X
Nxlog nxlog X X X X
Rundeck rundeck X X X X
CFEngine cfengine X X X X
Collectd collectd X X X X
Zabbix zabbix X X X X
InfluxDB influxdb X X X
Log4j 2 log4j2 X X X X X
Prometheus prometheus X X X X X
log4php log4php X X X X X
beats X X X
marvel X X
opentsdb X X X X X
logagent X X X X
dockeragent X X X X X


There are several reasons why we decided to create SD. Here are some of them:
  • To contribute back to DevOps user and developer community by providing a useful service
  • To eat our own dog food (i.e. use our own products and improve them through our own use of them)
  • To demonstrate our products in a real search service, not just a fabricated demo


To build SD we used our own ProjectHub product.


Organization behind this service is Sematext, the company specializing in Search & Analytics with expertise in Lucene and Hadoop family of products.


SD aggregates, indexes, and makes searchable all content repositories for all Apache Hadoop TLP sub-projects. All Apache projects are Trademarks of the Apache Software Foundation as described on ASF Trademark Policy.


Please contact Sematext. Tell us what you think and suggest improvements. We love feedback!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How did you build Search-Hadoop?
A: We used a number of tools created under the Lucene TLP, plus our own products.

Q: Can I create a similar service for my company and deploy it on my company's intranet?
A: Yes. Please get in touch to discuss.

Q: Could you create a similar service for project ________ ?
A: Yes, we probably can. Please get in touch to suggest and discuss.

Q: Do you run this service for any other projects?
A: We also run Search-Lucene.com, Search-Hadoop.com.