I am afraid I know the answer, but just to be sure... I am monitoring a
bunch of Linux servers running one or more JVMs with Ganglia. In order to
get some get some insight in the resource usage of the JVMs we use
"jmxtrans" to retrieve the metrics and spoof them to an Ganglia aggregator.
Works fine with one JVM, but gives trouble with two and more. Reason the
metrics are called the same.

 So I have the idea to group the metrics of each JVM into separate metrics
groups JVM1, JVM2, JVM3 ... The problem is that this still does not seem to
work. What I want is


 That is nine metrics in three groups. But I only see three metrics and
they "jump" from group to group. Works fine if I make the Metrics names
unique.So it seems there is a uniqueness requirement on the metrics level.

 It would be really nice, if that requirement would could restricted to the
group level. Any chance?

Martin Knoblauch
email: k n o b i AT knobisoft DOT de
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