Just installed influxdb-1.3.5-1 . I do not see any gui when I go to localhost:8086 . I also have asked this in [stack overflow](https://stackoverflow.com/questions/46206261/error-writing-history-file-open-error-for-influxdb-on-every-command) . I want to do what this guy is doing where I connect to grafana. In his [video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocCZkVDEyvQ) you can see a GUI. Also, if you look at my stack overflow question I also see "There was an error writing history file: open : The system cannot find the file specified." after every command.

[Visit Topic](https://community.influxdata.com/t/localhost-8086-shows-404-page-not-found-how-do-i-see-the-gui/2364/1) to respond.

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