Hello all,

I have a reproducible issue with queries where the tag is undefined on a highly ephemeral dataset. For example, the query
show tag value from measurement with key = "number" where someTag =~ /^()$/
is really slow and killing the server. This query should return immediately as there is no time series associated with it.
Also, I noticed that the automatic kill query after a certain defined period is ineffective.

This behaviour could not be observed with Influxdb 1.2.1 using an inmem tag store. I have seen it with 1.3.2 and even worse on 1.3.5 with tsi1.

Has this been observed before?  Happy to raise an issue for this.

Thanks, Flavio

[Visit Topic](https://community.influxdata.com/t/ultra-slow-query-execution-and-high-cpu-consumption/2367/1) to respond.

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