Initially, my installation (Win 7) worked well until I lost access to the web interface after an upgrade to 1.3.5. Even running an older version of Influxd would not fix it. I struggled for a while playing with all sorts of config changes and moved the installation out of the Programs folder with no help, until I found this:

In version 1.3, the web admin interface is no longer available in InfluxDB. The interface does not run on port 8083 and InfluxDB ignores the [admin] section in the configuration file if that section is present. Chronograf replaces the web admin interface with improved tooling for querying data, writing data, and database management. See Chronograf’s transition guide for more information.

I simply downloaded the Chronograph executable and started it to connect on port :8888 which turned out to be a better user experience that the :8083 admin interface.

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