time difference is in milliseconds.. I will give a screen shot!

inst_id    inst_name    status

for same inst_id I require other two fields to be displayed in a same visualization
I tried "dataTables" but one value gets nullified

incase the screenshot doesn't load
**@timestamp                                            inst_id     inst_name       status**
    > September 8th 2017, 12:06:55.526 100              -           ONLINE
    > September 8th 2017, 12:06:55.558 100            ICICI                -  
    > September 8th 2017, 12:06:55.559 101            IDBI            -  
    > September 8th 2017, 12:06:55.527 101              -          ONLINE
I dont know how to preserve spaces in this comment :(

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