Even though some people want log4j-core features on Android, I think
it's more important to at least get log4j-api to work properly on
Android. Sooner or later, some Android apps will depend on a Java
library which depends on log4j-api, and it would be good if that doesn't
break the app (at build time or at run time). This does not have to do
anything fancy, redirecting to Android LogCat would be enough for most apps.

I sometimes develop Android apps. I think that Android use cases for
RollingFileAppender or other advanced stuff in log4j-core (such as
filters) are quite rare. In most cases you either just want to redirect
to Android LogCat, or send the logs to some server over Internet.
Sending to some server is non-trivial given that mobile devices have
unreliable connections, but you probably want something Android specific
for that, the current log4j-core will not be a good fit by its own.

I think that any effort would be better spent on building a specific
Log4j implementation for Android, than making the regular log4j-core
work on Android.
On 2017-09-13 16:02, Ralph Goers wrote:
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