Use Case
We want to find the last data point for a metric timeseries just before or
on a given timestamp. so if there is metric

"sys.cpu.m1" with tag "host" : <h1 | h2 | h3 | h4 >

We want last data point inserted for the metric "sys.cpu.m1" grouped on
hosts. We tried highestCurrent(), method of the gexp but it also returns
the result with all the dps between the time-span and not just the latest
point ( It's not clear to us but, is this expected behaviour?). Is there is
anyway possible to achieve this via any http api or with any config change.

PS: This has become a bottle neck for us as we have ~1.5 million hosts for
metric "sys.cpu.m1" and cannot do with iterating over the all the dps
return for each host between a given timespan.
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