I'm trying to install the OCS Inventory agent via rudder. When Rudder
attempts to run this promise, it fails with exit code 100:

rudder  verbose: P: BEGIN promise 'promise_package_lib_cf_174' of type
"packages" (pass 1)
rudder  verbose: P:    Promiser/affected object: 'ocsinventory-agent'
rudder  verbose: P:    From parameterized bundle: ncf_package(
rudder  verbose: P:    Base context class:
rudder  verbose: P:    Stack path:
/default/rudder_directives/methods/'Install OCS Inventory agent/Install OCS
rudder  verbose: Command
'/var/rudder/cfengine-community/modules/packages/apt_get repo-install'
returned with non zero return code: 100
rudder     info: Some error occurred while communicating with package
module while installing package.
   error: Error installing package 'ocsinventory-agent'

Is this because the ocsinventory-agent package runs a wizard immediately
following installation? Or is there some other reason?

I haven't been able to find any documentation for the CF Engine return
code. If I install the package manually, installation proceeds without
error. This occurs on Ubuntu 14 & 16 (64-bit).

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


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