Hi all,

As title, I want to:
   1. enable users to create their own security keys
   2. make sure everyone can only access to their own security keys
How can I set the ACL policies to do this?
Based on key storage help page
<http://rundeck.org/docs/administration/key-storage.html>, I am supposed to
ask the users to create keys like this:
   - /keys/user/bob/bob_key_1.pem
   - /keys/user/bob/bob_key_2.pem
   - /keys/user/marry/marry_key_1.pem
And, for the ACL:
description: authorize keys/ storage filescontext:
  application: 'rundeck'for:
    - match:
        path: 'keys/user/[username]/.*'
      allow: [read,create,update,delete]
What should I put for that [username] portion so that all users can manage
their own keys?

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