Hello friends!

We recently cut Sensu 1.0.3, a patch release that includes a Ruby
EventMachine version bump (to 1.2.5). While the change is very minor, we
would like your help in testing before it’s promoted to the next stable
release of Sensu Core.

I’d love to regularly get this type of larger feedback before we promote
releases in the future (this is in part to avoid situations like we faced
with 0.29 and Ruby 2.4.1). Something you may not know: when a Sensu version
is cut, the packages are added to the “unstable” (prerelease) repositories,
allowing anyone to give them a whirl! These prerelease packages are your
first opportunity to get your hands on new features and bug fixes!

For more information about testing Sensu releases, including prerelease
repository installation instructions, check out the documentation at:

Once the packages have been sufficiently tested and no faults have been
discovered, they will be promoted to the “stable” repositories for wide
use. Together we can continue to produce stable Sensu releases!

The Sensu Core 1.0.3 CHANGELOG entry:

I would love to hear about your experience testing this (and future)
versions of Sensu in the #monitoringlove channel of our public Slack group:

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