Hi Alvaro,
so yes - I needed to install the ssh server - thought that was part of
default build.
Added that to the base, repackaged, added the box and vagrant up.

Different result.
Until timeout, get "Warning: Authentication failure. Retrying..." messages.
VM is up and running.
If I try to use vagrant ssh, then I get a password prompt.

Which suggests that my key is not working. I have the .ssh and
authorized_keys permissions correct. Could it be end of line problems?
Looking at authorized_keys in vi, there are no control characters. So don't
think that is a problem.

Therefore my insecure_private_key does not appear to be working.

As part of making my own box, do I need to add a /vagrant directory for
shared folders? Reading the notes. I did wonder if vagrant added this but I
do not have a /vagrant folder.


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