I've been working on setting up a development environment with Windows 10
1703 update, WSL (16.04) and the latest version of Vagrant.  

I've installed only the windows version of Vagrant and was seeing errors
that a Vagrant control machine on windows isn't supported.  So, I
uninstalled the windows version and only installed the deb version as per
the installation instructions on the vagrantup site.   Whenever I run
vagrant now, I'm seeing:

The executable 'vagrant.exe' Vagrant is trying to run was not found in the
PATH variable. This is an error. Please verify this software is installed
and on the path.

Does this mean I have to install the windows version of vagrant in addition
to the WSL version via dpkg?  I'm concerned that I possibly hosed my WSL
while installing the apt-get version and pip version while following all
the wrong directions on the net and if I need to wipe it and reinstall to
get working, that's fine, but I was hoping to get some clarification here

Thanks in advance!


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